Credit cards

Credit cards are the most commonly used payment methods for all online transactions, whether that’s buying products or playing at online Casinos or Bingo websites. This long-established payment option makes many online gamers feel safe as they know how it works and they are comfortable in its reliability; however, an increasingly number of Bingo and Casino players are looking for alternative payment methods to find the cheapest, fastest and most secure options available. Despite a huge increase in the use of e-wallets and alternative payment options, credit cards remain the most popular payment methods and offer a huge range of benefits.


Deposits and Withdrawals

Credit cards are very easy to use – both online, on mobile and in regular shops – and they can be used for purchases of any size so long as you don’t go over your credit limit. Making deposits at an online Bingo site is exactly the same as purchasing goods or services from any other outlet, as players will simply need to enter their name, billing address and credit card number.

Withdrawals can be a little bit more difficult than deposits, as some credit cards will not allow money to be added onto the card in this way. It’s always worth checking with your credit card provider and the Bingo website you are using to make sure that you will be able to withdraw your money directly to your credit card.

The largest providers of credit cards – Mastercard and Visa – are both accepted at the majority of




  • Credit cards are easy to obtain and most people have access to at least one.
  • Using a credit card to make your deposits means you won’t need to set up and additional online webwallet which for some players can seem like a lot of unnecessary hassle.
  • Credit cards are accepted as payments methods at almost every single online Casino and Bingo website, as well as all major online and offline outlets.
  • You can track any payments you have made on your monthly statement.


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