Does internet bingo have an age limit?
Unfortunately, although online bingo is considered a ‘soft’ kind of gambling, you still need to be 18 years or older to play in almost every country such as the UK. Every online bingo gamers must adhere to the laws of their jurisdiction, and are liable for their actions.

How easy is it to play online bingo?
Bingo gaming is as easy as learning you’re A, B, C. Simply visit a good bingo portal and you’ll find a step by step guide. You’ll need to select a personal username and password and fill in some personal data to become a bingo member – but the good news is it only takes about 5 minutes and is totally free!

Is internet bingo safe?
The latest bingo websites are very secure and use professional banking encryption to make sure you’re transactions are 100% secure. Your transactions are usually insured, so you can game in total confidence and enjoy the ultimate chill out time.

Is bingo a skill game?
Bingo wins are really all down to luck. Although you may find some strategies on the web, no one has ever proven they work and you’re better off forgetting them. Check out our tips section for some good gaming advice.

How much are online Bingo cards?
Bingo is one of the web’s most affordable gaming options, with cards frequently available from 5 pence, to £2. You really can play online bingo by raiding your piggy bank!

How do I withdraw my Bingo winnings?
When you register at a bingo site, you’ll need to make a cash deposit into your account, preferably via a credit/debit card. Generally this is the easiest way to instantly remove money from your account and may incur zero charges.

Do I have to pay tax on my online Bingo winnings?
Bingo is a form of gambling, and therefore there is no need to pay any tax on your winnings.

Can I buy my Bingo cards in advance?
Yes – if you want to plan your bingo gaming in advance and book your seat, then select the pre-book and auto features to do all the work for you.

Can I play Bingo with lots of cards in each game?
Yes – multi-card Bingo gaming is usually permitted in online bingo games. Many sites allow up to 100 cards, which can be immensely satisfying if your luck’s in! If you opt to play with this strategy, then selecting auto-daub will help take away the stress of marking the cards for yourself. You will also get a flashing notification when a card is close to Bingo!

I have a bingo card that’s lucky – can I keep it?
Unfortunately every bingo round starts with fresh cards (don’t worry though, it’s probably not as lucky as you think!).

Can I join an in-play Bingo game?
Many bingo venues offer this option. You’ll simply be issued with a card pre-daubed with the numbers that have already been drawn…..it could be a lucky choice!

What happens if my online Bingo session crashes?
If you select a first class bingo website, then your purchased cards will be honoured by the website…..in fact if you may just get a nice surprise in your account next time you log-in!

Is my personal data anonymous when I play online bingo?
The answer is 100% yes – except for you username, all you data is 100% secure. Just be sure to select an appropriate username if you don’t want to use your real name!

What is live bingo chat?
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