Online Keno

Online Keno is the electronic version of one of the world’s most popular lotto games – delivering the appeal of instant gaming with virtually fool proof rules! It’s therefore no surprise that Keno is many gamers’ idea of the ultimate in feel-good casino gaming – so why not see if you feel the same……

If you love playing bingo – then you’re guaranteed to find Keno equally as fun and exciting – you’ll even find Keno games with the same live-chat options that send the excitement through the roof. Although you may hit more low level wins playing bingo, Keno jackpots can be absolutely huge – with payouts often worth up to 3000.00 coins!

Keno games are generally played with 80 balls in a hi-tech Keno spinner that’s launched once the gaming session starts. The random lotto element of the game is guaranteed thanks to cutting-edge casino engines, such as Microgaming Viper. To win at Keno, gamers need to use luck and instinct to select 25 numbers before the Keno spinner s activated. Keno payouts vary from game to game, paying out depending on the number of winning selections.

Keno is essentially a game of luck – although there are thousands of gamers who claim to use logic and basic strategies to try and boost their chance of winning! However, just like when you buy a scratch card – most people play Keno for the atmosphere, the buzz and the small chance of lady luck delivering a serious jackpot payout!

Visit any leading web casino and you’re sure to find an array of colourful Keno games hidden away in the plush gaming parlours – offering you everything from traditional Keno screens to advanced themed options for the ultimate in feel-good entertainment!

Keno is one of the world’s oldest and most loved lotto games – but thanks to the internet, the game’s been updated to deliver a vibrant, fun-packed gaming options that’s sure to leave a big smile on your face.Аренда помещенийуниверситеты китаядухи nina richiтуры финляндииодеяло ценапроектор б у купитьнакидка BMW

Online Keno