Online Craps

Craps is one of the web’s most feature-packed online casino games – offering the most entertaining dice game in the casino! If you want a game with exuberant rules and endless betting options……it has to be casino Craps……

Craps is famous everywhere – from the casinos of Las Vegas, to the big screen Hollywood Blockbusters. The game’s glamour, style and riches make it the ideal casino movie star! But Craps has always had star attraction, which is why the concept of the game was originally discovered by the Crusaders and brought home from the battle fields of the East the game was first called Hazzard, which itself evolved from the Arabic work for dice, ‘Azzah’).

Craps has universal appeal – and most gamers who take the time to grasp the rules will be rewarded with an exceptionally fulfilling gaming experience. From casino novices to hardcore pro’s – Craps is many people’s casino favourite.

At its core, casino Craps is a simple dice game – with wagers placed on the outcome of a single roll of a dice, or a series of two dice rolls. In the latest online casino games powered by cutting-edge gaming software, you can enjoy ultra-realistic 3D dice, rolled on plush gaming tables.

However, while Craps is all about the roll of the dice – it’s packed with an array of betting options that provide sophisticated gaming complexity with a huge amount of scope.

One huge advantage for web gamers is the chance to learn the game of Craps without having to risk any real cash – a far cry from the days of traditional casino gaming! Today’s leading web casinos offer free-play options and risk-free bonus session – providing an ideal way to learn the rules and experience the excitement of Craps gaming. In addition, the latest casino software often include guided-play, auto-strategy to boost gaming ease.

Craps is a game of chance, with a small casino edge – so in theory the casino has a slight advantage over the gamer. However, there are hundreds of Craps systems based on logic and probability, some of which offer serious gamers the potential of turning the tables on the casino.

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Online Craps