Online Blackjack

Online blackjack is one of the most stylish games in the casino – an awesome blend of luck, skill and strategy.
In the real world, blackjack is well known as the nemesis of many casinos, due to the game responding extremely effectively to skill play. You also probably know blackjack from famous movies such as many a James Bond – so why not recreate the glamour and style of blackjack by gaming online?
Blackjack is famously known as 21, and that’s the basic aim of the game – to try and form a hand as close to 21 as possible (without going over 21 and bust!). If your hand beats the dealer – you win! The hand of ‘blackjack’ (an ace plus a ten-value card) is simply unbeatable, although the dealer can cancel out a win by also forming a blackjack (talk about bad luck!).

Using luck and skill, blackjack gives you the opportunity to hold and face the dealer’s hidden hand, or draw again to build a combo with a high value. Once you’ve grasped the blackjack basics, you’ll be able to integrate the exciting blackjack features that make the game so exhilarating and potentially profitable……

Double Down – Analyse your card and if you think your hand holds great potential, click to double down and increase your wager by 100%. The double down requires you to draw another card, so you’re sure to find it exciting waiting to see what comes out of the pack!

Split Bets – Blackjack spilt bets enable you to instantly transform one hand into two separate combos and wagers. If you fancy your chances against the dealer, split to play for the chance to double your payouts! The good news is that even if one bet loses, you’ll still break even.

Insurance – While blackjack is a dynamic game that can reward the brave……limiting your losses can be the key to sustained success. Blackjack enables you to place the unique insurance wager, which essentially allows you to insure yourself against the dealer hitting blackjack when in a strong position!

Whatever you gaming level or long-term aspirations, online blackjack can be approached with luck or skill – making it accessible to all gamers. However, learning some elements of blackjack strategy will sky-rocket you gaming satisfaction and boost your potential winning hands.

The fundamental keys to blackjack strategy is card counting – simply put, analysing the pack to create a score with a pivot point to guide gamers to when the odds are in their favour against the casino. Although there are countless blackjack strategies with different levels of complexity and results, even the so called casual count can enhance your success (essentially just casually observing the cards to help your wager levels and betting choices).

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Online Blackjack