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Men may be from Mars and women from Venus, but everyone loves the galactic delights of Bingo Galaxy – the web’s coolest cosmos of free bingo information………
Bingo Galaxy is ultimate bingo portal in cyberspace – allowing you to launch some of the web’s biggest jackpot bingo games, and shoot for the stars with the very latest in space-age bingo technology. Bingo Galaxy was formed to deliver impartial information on all the web’s leading bingo services, bonuses and jackpots – making it the ultimate launch pad for finding the web’s premium bingo destinations…….
We’ve even got all the latest news from across the bingo galaxy – keeping you up to date with huge bingo jackpots, big winners, new sites and the wacky news that seems to constantly flow from the lucky bingo heavens.
Bingo gamers are infamous for consulting the stars and looking to the astrological world for signs of luck – and many sites even have astrology readings to help you choose the best times to play. However, if you’ve found your way to Bingo Galaxy, then it looks like your lucky stars are already shining brightly – so now could be the time to tempt fate and play for jackpot payouts and endless fun and friends.
Bingo Galaxy welcome your feedback and are always willing to help our visitors find the best gaming options and leisure in cyberspace – so please don’t hesitate to fire us a meteor of questions and queries……..
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What We Do?

Surfing around the Bingo Galaxy community, takes you to a new frontier of classic gaming - with instant links to web bingo, online TV game-show bingo and mobile bingo that you can play from anywhere on the planet! Bingo has become the coolest leisure game on the globe - and with our exclusive links and reviews - you're guaranteed to feel starry eyed with the best action on the web.   If you're new to the cosmic fun of bingo - check out our Bingo Galaxy guide pages - where you'll find simple information about bingo history, rules, chat and tips that could help you win jackpots so big, you'll think they're from another planet! You'll feel like a bingo pro in less than 5 minutes with our simple guides! Once you've grasped the basics, our gaming experts have reviewed many of the best bingo parlours in cyberspace - giving them star ratings to help you pick the planet's coolest bingo delights.   Play bingo in the latest deluxe parlours with90 and 75 ball gaming, try your luck with progressive jackpot bingo to win thousands, or sample the latest bingo crazes - mobile and TV gaming! Bingo is an all-round leisure option for finding a new frontier of friends and leisure for pennies - and we've located all the best cutting-edge chat parlours to give your social life a cosmic boost. What's more - be sure to run your eye over our special bingo bonus section - the ultimate place to find planetary giveaways - with free bingo cash cascading towards you like an asteroid belt!

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We are open to hear your thoughts about our website to help us give what you really want. If you have any specific inquiries, or you would like to communicate with our support representative, we are always available for you.